Workplace Safety / OH&S

Tough laws demand greater care is undertaken to avoid workplace accidents.

Higher duty of care is needed to uphold OHE&S regulations and workcover codes of practice, protecting individuals against organisational negligence, coupled with stronger institutional protection means employers bear a greater responsibility to safeguard workplaces to avoid negligence claims that can attract harsh punitive measures.

Electrical safety, in particular, presents a significant legal issue.

A well-planned preventative maintenance programme with regular electrical safety checks is critical to avoid needless tragic accidents and the legal and financial consequences that follow Obtaining the services of a fully-equipped and highly- qualified TruSafe technician to regularly test electrical equipment represents a very wise commercial investment.

TruSafe gives you a safer workplace, home and office by testing and tagging all your electrical equipment from computers to power saws to factory lathes and more.

TruSafe Franchisees are professionally trained and use industry leading technology and processes to test and tag your electrical appliances, leads and tools.

TruSafe is a champion of Australian Safety Standards and our training and service processes are Best Practice to ensure your safety comes first.

Don’t put your life or your assets in the hands of anyone else. Trust TruSafe to ensure you are safety compliant in the workplace or in your home. Protect yourself, your staff and your family. Prevent an accident or a death before it occurs.


TruSafe Test & Tag

Testing & Tagging of Electrical Leads & Appliances

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